Winner of the Best Homemade Donuts   2003-2016!

Buy a dozen donuts at Beach Donuts in Clinton and try, just try, to get home with a full dozen. These donuts are made fresh, with no preservatives. They should be enjoyed immediately, even if that means arriving at your destination without a full box!
The Shoreline Times

Readers Choose Beach Donuts as the Best!

Readers wrote in to add their two cents:  "Far and away Beach Donut in Clinton" and "Yes, Beach Donut is better than Krispy Kreme" and "Beach Donut. No doubt about it!" and "Beach donut has the best donuts by far!!" and "Beach Donut hands down" and on and on.

"A Connecticut Cult Favorite" summer weekend ritual has been made infinitely better by a simple yet miraculous sour cream doughnut, with its penetrating layers of glaze and sixty years of tradition.